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Results of IEOC survey on appointment of Officials at 5* and Senior Championship events - 2023

The IEOC surveyed its members in January 2023 regarding the appointment of Officials at 5*  and Senior Championship events.  The survey was completely anonymous.

Our aim was to evaluate the professionalism, fairness and equity of the system of appointing Officials (Judges, Technical Delegates and Course Designers) at 5* and Senior Championship events.

All IEOC members were encouraged to share their views to assist in improving the transparency and equity of the system going forward.

An “Aide-Memoire” for Dressage Judges, Riders and Trainers

Many of you may already be familiar with the following web site:


This website provides dressage tests in the form of online diagrams which are equally useful to Dressage Judges, Riders and Trainers.

IEOC Dictionary of dressage judges terms

The IEOC hopes that this publication will help all of our judges in their work judging the dressage phase in eventing. It is often difficult to come up with the correct word in a foreign language and to have a quick reference pamphlet in hand should be very useful.

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