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IEOC Officials pack

We are pleased to share with you our Officials pack, which we hope will prove to be a valuable resource.

In this pack we have collated materials to help Officials locate and access the key resources they require to fulfil their roles.

We have included links to access the relevant information on the FEI website, rather than reproducing the content, as the FEI may update the information on its website at any time.

As such, this document is provided as guidance only and is not intended to be a replacement for the FEI website, which should always be referred to as the official source.  If in any doubt about the applicable rules, Officials should always consult with the relevant parties (which may include the FEI).

Abuse of Officials

The IEOC is sadly being made aware of an increasing number of incidents of abuse of Officials by riders and/or members of their entourage.

It is essential that Officials report any such incidents to the FEI Legal Department using the FEI Incident Report Form. We would encourage you to cc the IEOC ( if you find yourself in the position of submitting an incident report.

It is important to remember the term “abuse” is generally understood to encompass psychological abuse as well as physical abuse.

We would draw your attention to the following important resources:

  • The Independent Helpline for Officials (IHO) is available to give FREE and CONFIDENTIAL advice and support to all Officials, as well as FREE access to legal support should it be required.  Questions about interpretation of the safeguarding rules can also be directed to the IHO.  The IHO can be contacted at

Results of IEOC survey on appointment of Officials at 5* and Senior Championship events - 2023

The IEOC surveyed its members in January 2023 regarding the appointment of Officials at 5*  and Senior Championship events.  The survey was completely anonymous.

Our aim was to evaluate the professionalism, fairness and equity of the system of appointing Officials (Judges, Technical Delegates and Course Designers) at 5* and Senior Championship events.

All IEOC members were encouraged to share their views to assist in improving the transparency and equity of the system going forward.

An “Aide-Memoire” for Dressage Judges, Riders and Trainers

Many of you may already be familiar with the following web site:


This website provides dressage tests in the form of online diagrams which are equally useful to Dressage Judges, Riders and Trainers.

IEOC Dictionary of dressage judges terms

The IEOC hopes that this publication will help all of our judges in their work judging the dressage phase in eventing. It is often difficult to come up with the correct word in a foreign language and to have a quick reference pamphlet in hand should be very useful.

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