The International Eventing Officials Club (IEOC) was formed in 1998 by Dr Bernd Springorum (GER) and Frederik Obel (DEN), supported by Jean Mitchell MBE (IRL), to give a voice to Eventing Officials, providing a vital link between them and the FEI.

The organisation has over 600 members including FEI Judges, Technical Delegates, Stewards, Course Designers and Organisers based around the world.

Since the formation of the IEOC, the number of competitions at all levels has grown rapidly - last year alone there were over 560 competitions globally. As eventing continues to expand, the role of the International Eventing Officials Club and its members is key to the FEI, National Federations and Eventing Organisers.

"The IEOC, which is free for our members, is firmly focussed on developing eventing at every level internationally”, IEOC Chairman, Andy Griffiths (GBR).


The Club shall be called the International Eventing Officials club, hereinafter referred to as the IEOC.

The postal address shall be that of the Secretary General of the IEOC, unless moved to another address on the decision of the Annual General Meeting.


The IEOC was founded in 1998.

It represents FEI listed Eventing Judges, Course Designers, Technical Delegates and Stewards.

Veterinarians and Organisers are welcome to attend all IEOC meetings.


The IEOC shall provide a forum for communication between, and education of, its members and a pooling of knowledge of the technical aspects of eventing. It shall liaise with, and assist, the FEI Eventing Committee and the FEI Executive.

  • To provide guidance to officials in exercising their duties and responsibilities.

  • To further the education of members by organising meetings and seminars.

  • To promote the impartial exercising of the duties of Eventing officials.

  • To promote the avoidance of conflict of interest of officials.

  • To promote teamwork among officials and organisers.

  • To disseminate technical information for its members.

  • To represent and defend the interests of members.

  • To promote good horsemanship and the welfare of the horse, in accordance with the FEI Code of Conduct.

  • To maintain the integrity of the sport of Eventing.

  • To monitor the Rules for Eventing and provide input for their revision.

  • To provide input for the future development of the sport.

  • To maintain close communication with other organisations in equestrian sport, including The Event Riders Association [ERA], the International Dressage Officials Club [IDOC], the International Show Jumping Officials Club [ISJC] and the International Equestrian Organisers Alliance [IEOA].


All FEI listed Eventing officials are entitled to be members of the IEOC.

From 2009 the Organising Committees of all FEI CCI’s and CIC’s may nominate one representative to join the IEOC.

Honorary membership is extended to those FEI Eventing officials, who have passed the year of their 70th birthday.

Honorary members shall have the same rights as ordinary members.

Structure of the IEOC

The IEOC shall convene an Annual General Meeting (AGM) open to all its members.

The AGM shall appoint the Executive Board (hereafter known as the Board).

The Board shall consist of:

  • Chairman, who will chair the AGM, or in his absence, the Vice Chairman, or in his absence, The Treasurer

  • Vice Chairman

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary General

  • A maximum of 2 additional members

The Board will be responsible for the management of the IEOC.

Board members are appointed for a term of 3 years, on a rotational basis, and may be re-appointed for further terms.

The Board may invite advisors, on an “ad hoc” basis, to assist in its work.

The Board shall appoint:

Regional Representatives who will cover Eventing worldwide and act as a link between the Board and the members.

They may organise regional meetings for members and, where appropriate, guests, and will submit minutes of these meetings to the Secretary General for publication.

The AGM of the IEOC

The Board shall convene the AGM of the members annually. Members are invited to attend by the Secretary General, who will communicate the agenda as instructed by the Board.

There must be an interval of at least 21 days between the notice of the meeting and the date of the AGM.

Members are entitled to submit topics for discussion at the AGM, which should arrive with the Secretary General at least 14 days before the date of the meeting.

The agenda for the AGM shall include:

  • Chairman’s report on behalf of the Board

  • Report from the Secretary General

  • Presentation and examination of the Annual Statement of Accounts

  • Elections to the Board

  • Hearing of Appeals from members against exclusion from the IEOC

  • Topics for discussion submitted in advance by members


An extraordinary meeting [EGM] may be called by the Board or by thirty of the members, who must request it in writing.

There must be an interval of at least 21 days between the notice of the meeting and the date of the EGM.

IEOC website

The Secretary General, as instructed by the Board, manages the website to enable better and more efficient communication between members.


Communications between the Board, the Secretary General and the members will be by e-mail.

Responsibility of members

Members shall acknowledge that the Statutes of the IEOC, the FEI General Regulations and Rules for Eventing provide the structure within which they shall work as International Eventing Officials.

Any member who brings the IEOC or the sport of eventing into disrepute may be suspended or expelled, on the decision of the Board.

The member, so disciplined, has the right to appeal against the decision of the Board at the next Annual General Meeting. Such an appeal must be lodged with the Secretary General within 6 weeks of receiving the decision of the Board.


Dissolution of the IEOC can take place following a decision of the AGM with a ¾ majority of the votes of the members present.

If the IEOC is dissolved, its assets, after settlement of all its liabilities, will be awarded by the AGM to an organisation which is to make use of them to promote Eventing.

Memorandum of Understanding with the FEI

In January 2013 a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the FEI and IEOC was signed.

In general terms the MOU gives the IEOC a voice within the FEI on all matters relating to Eventing officials, and thus help the sport develop from the input of officials on the grounds.

Under the MOU, the IEOC Board will have the opportunity to put forward to the Eventing Committee meeting any questions or topics felt important for discussion and decision. The IEOC will in turn circulate to all its members the relevant minutes and actions agreed by the Committee.

This is a great step forward and I hope will prove to be very constructive in developing the IEOCs working relationship with the FEI.

Revised 2013